Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kid's Project

My girls (ages 4 and 18 mos) made these frames in the craft room on our vacation awhile back, and I wanted to share the idea b/c I think it's fun and easy and turns out to be a great decoration or gift!

They used plain wood (some were varnished others were not) frames that you can pick up for around $1 a piece. They then used "tacky glue" (they poured some out on paper plates and let the smaller kids use paintbrushes to apply the glue!) to attach the clear flat-backed stones (the kind you buy in the mesh bags at the craft stores) all around the frame. It took awhile to dry but it dries clear and any excess glue can be washed away. The final results are so sparkly and pretty and I love that the craft ladies took pictures of the kids from that day for us to put in the frames!

I definately think we'll be doing this project again at home and maybe even for our next parent/child scrapbooking night too! (:

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