Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my model

My daughter (she just turned 4) has been "helping" me take pictures of new items to put on my etsy shop, and she particularly likes to help w/ the ribbons...she's a big fan, as am I! (: She usually gives them funny voices and personalities too...but that's beside the point. I had her hold some sheer ribbon in her hand so I could get a good picture of it, and that's where the "model" thing came she loves being my hand-model when I take the pictures.

I'm not sure if these pictures will make it into the listings or not, not sure if the pink nail polish w/ blue sparkles will deter any shoppers... so I'm posting them here to see what you think & so all her hard work modeling doesn't go to waste! (:

And this is what my 1-year-old likes to do when mommy is trying to take pictures... hehe, then I get to use the paper for myself! (:

It's great to be an at-home mom b/c I get to be with my kids all the time and I really do (no jokes) like my daughters help with the biz (: It's great to have this time with them and I am so happy for it! --Janelle

PS-- do you like my new blog banner?? I changed it and my shop banner too!


Jess said...

How cute! Love the banner too! :)

Lorie said...

Your model is very cute!

PamperingBeki said...

Your new banner looks great!

I like having my kids home with me too - most of the time. ;-)