Monday, March 9, 2009

Paperbag Album for daughter #2 (:

I am having a parent/child scrapbook class tomorrow evening, so I made this as a sample for class. My other one is of my first daughter (click here to see the first one). I have made these for over 2 years and sold them @ craft shows and other venues and they are always a big hit and I usually sell-out. I sell them "pre-made" and ready-to-go just add your own photos for around $7.00, and I recently started making the CD Case Albums the same way and started selling those @ shows as well. I am thinking of putting these pre-mades up in my etsy shop too, what do you think? They are pretty simple and easy-to-make, and I keep them that way so the pictures are really the "spotlight" of the books. I'll be making more this week (w/o my own photos!) to take to the home show here in Sibley on Saturday (@ the elem. school from 10-4) ! Anyways, can't wait to see what creative ideas the kids in class tomorrow come up with! (: Happy Scrapp'n! --Janelle

Note: Thank you for your encouragement... I went ahead and listed a premade paperbag album in my shop, I appreciate your nice comments! (: Check it out here!


Tara said...

My mom made one of these paperbag albums and I just love the look. Does $7 really cover your time and expenses?

Katie, Custom Scrapbook Designer said...

I think it is a great idea to put some of these in your Etsy store! It wouldnt hurt plus this is a alternative if someone is wanting a smaller version of a scrapbook and wants something unique!! Go for it!! :)

Charity said...

I would put them on Etsy as well. I think they are great. Great for people who like the look but don't have the time or the skill to create them.